SNAPSHOT: and so it goes…



SNAPSHOT: Here’s lookin’ at you kid.

muffins of the stud variety.

muffins of the stud variety.

SNAPSHOT: Revisited

an old favorite remembered

an old favorite remembered

Read it here

SNAPSHOT: Swann’s Way

Now are the woods all black, but still the sky is blue.

Now are the woods all black,
but still the sky is blue.

SNAPSHOT: Blue Heron


spread your wings, girl.

SNAPSHOT: radiance

SNAPSHOT: radiance

fiery nowhere – homepage

SNAPSHOT: Having Taken A Path

Snapshot: Having Taken A Path

my tatooine reality.

SNAPSHOT – #nofilter

just hangin in the backyard, no big deal.

The best shop online.

To start things off I wanted to feature something that has been one of my all time favorite finds, ModCloth!

Modcloth=everything quirky, everything retro, and even features vintage items.

I have basically outfitted my life with all things Modcloth. Kitchen supplies, clothes, shoes, bags, decor, you name it… they have so much bad-assery to browse.

Tip: Their sales can be really amazing –  that’s when I do most of my shopping, sometimes it can be a little pricey for frequent shopping.

I have spent countless hours and dollars here, it’s a great site to browse for unique ideas for outfits or accessorizing.

I have gotten quite a few gifts from Modcloth for the most worthy in my life; check out these awesome items:

for my 7 year old nephew

Block of Time Clock ($39.99)

for my fellow cat weirdos

(I actually do have this sweatshirt, it is really quite cozy)

Come Tome to Me Sweatshirt by Kin Ship ($49.99)

for home/myself

Noggin’ Off to Sleep Pouf ($149.99)
Check it out for yourself & tell me what you think!
Or better yet – what websites are your go-to for shopping?