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Polaroid Notes & The Impossible Project

Yeah, we have Instagram and Hipstamatic now so… we

pretty much still use Polaroids right?

Nah. But they are pretty awesome.

Recently, a couple of my nerd friends gave me an awesome gift, something cool to share with others:

Polaroid Notes

20 cards with varied photographs – blank on the inside – and envelopes


These are an awesome and unique way to send messages, while giving a nod to something that has become lost.

You can buy them from Amazon here:

Polaroid Notes: 20 Different Notecards and Envelopes

I have found that taking REAL Polaroid photos is much more difficult than you would imagine.

As Polaroid has discontinued their production, film and cameras are not easy to come by –


This company is bringing back the instant film (they purchased the last Polaroid factory and enlisted some of its best workers)

You can now purchase film or cameras from their website

It’s awesome, and worthy of support! Check it out!

The best shop online.

To start things off I wanted to feature something that has been one of my all time favorite finds, ModCloth!

Modcloth=everything quirky, everything retro, and even features vintage items.

I have basically outfitted my life with all things Modcloth. Kitchen supplies, clothes, shoes, bags, decor, you name it… they have so much bad-assery to browse.

Tip: Their sales can be really amazing –  that’s when I do most of my shopping, sometimes it can be a little pricey for frequent shopping.

I have spent countless hours and dollars here, it’s a great site to browse for unique ideas for outfits or accessorizing.

I have gotten quite a few gifts from Modcloth for the most worthy in my life; check out these awesome items:

for my 7 year old nephew

Block of Time Clock ($39.99)

for my fellow cat weirdos

(I actually do have this sweatshirt, it is really quite cozy)

Come Tome to Me Sweatshirt by Kin Ship ($49.99)

for home/myself

Noggin’ Off to Sleep Pouf ($149.99)
Check it out for yourself & tell me what you think!
Or better yet – what websites are your go-to for shopping?